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Young Professional Reverses Hair Loss with Ashley and Martin Treatment

October 16th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Aaron* had not quite realized how bad his hair loss was until now. He felt uneasy looking at the photos taken by the Ashley and Martin consultant; his hair looked frizzy and in poor condition. He thought he had done the right thing in wearing his hair longer to cover the thinning. What a mistake that was. As a 26 year old property valuer this was not the professional image he wanted to portray to his clientele.

Temporal recession and thinning had started for Aaron ten years previous in high school. His Grandfather and Father both suffered from hair loss at a young age. Performing a scalp examination the friendly consultant confirmed Aaron did in fact have genetic male pattern baldness diagnosing hair loss on the Norwood scale at level III vertex. A stressful year had intensified Aaron’s strong genetic ties to hair loss.

The consultant explained how the RealGROWTH® program worked and that Aaron’s medical treatment would be overseen by the Clinic Doctor, whilst his Consultant would be there to support his results and check his progress. With a combination of regular low level laser light therapy, DHT inhibitors and a topical regrowth solution specially compounded by Ashley and Martin for his specific needs. Aaron’s consultant was confident the hair loss could be reversed. Once Aaron had crunched his numbers and discussed the program with his partner he returned to the clinic keen to get started on his treatment.

Aaron had been encouraged by his partner to call Ashley and Martin for help. Attending his first Ashley and Martin review after four months he was thankful he had picked up the phone and made an appointment. The improvement to his hair quality was huge it no longer looked frizzy but well-conditioned. Aaron was looking at photos again but this time he felt joy. The sparse covering of hair on his crown looked totally different; thick and lustrous.





*name changed to protect privacy