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Case Study: Young FIFO worker reverses the family trend of male pattern baldness

April 27th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Twenty-four year old Braden* was a fit and healthy FIFO worker with a steady job and no real stress in his life. What he did have was a genetic pre-disposition to androgenetic alopecia (more commonly known as male pattern baldness) from both sides of his family.

Although he had been losing hair for 2-3 years he hadn’t yet addressed the problem…it was only in the last three months that he’d been considering seeing a professional hair loss specialist after seeing an ad for Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics on the television.

After sending an internet enquiry, Braden attended his appointment alone and discussed his options with the consultant. His hairline was receding in the temporal regions and his crown was only sparsely covered; Braden was diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness, Norwood III vertex and the 12 month RealGROWTH® program was offered to halt the shedding and provide Braden with the best possible chance of regrowing his own hair. Braden made the decision to start treatment straight away.

Three-quarters of the way through his treatment plan, Braden was feeling great about the results he was seeing. The hair loss he’d experienced over the past 2-3 years had been halted and now reversed and he was now proud to show off a thick and healthy head of hair. He was no longer concerned about his appearance and was excited to be a fit, healthy twenty-four year old with a full head of hair.

*name changed to protect privacy