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Extensive Hair Loss Reversed with Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH Program

September 27th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Philip* a health worker came to Ashley and Martin upon his wife’s suggestion. Balding ran in Philip’s family, his father, grandfather and uncles had all lost their hair at young ages. Philip assumed that this was his destiny; his wife was not ready to give up on her husband’s appearance. She suggested Philip call Ashley and Martin to discuss medical intervention to stop his thinning hair. After discussing with friends Philip made that important call and booked his free consultation.

While Philip was not personally concerned about his appearance, the signs were very clear. At only 33 years old significant thinning had left Philip with extensive recession on the temporals, vertex and crown making him look older than his years. The consultant conducted a scalp examination determining the extent of the hair loss. She made sure Philip had a realistic picture of what could be achieved; enough viable vellus hairs were visible to offer a medical solution and reverse some of the damage done.

The consultant offered Philip a RealGROWTH® treatment program that consisted of anti-androgens, a topical solution, herbal supplements and specialised hygiene products to protect the newly growing hair. Happy with the information he had been given Philip booked to see the Ashley and Martin Doctor. The doctor confirmed the consultant’s diagnosis of Norwood Scale IV male pattern baldness. To her it looked like Philip had been suffering from hair loss for four plus years, not the two that Philip had originally thought.

Philip returned to see his consultant after eight months of starting his program; his results were beyond their expectations. The band of missing hair was no longer visible and Philip was sporting a trendy haircut. People were paying him compliments on how good he was looking; the regrowth had taken years off his appearance. Even his wife who cuts his hair was so impressed she too was informing people how effective Ashley and Martin’s treatment was in regrowing hair.





*name changed to protect privacy