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Case Study: Client Achieves Great Results Through Ashley and Martin

May 9th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Philip had been using over the counter solutions to his hair loss before a friend recommended he try calling Ashley and Martin. It had not been long after his 21st birthday that Philip’s hair had started to fall out and now, five years later, he had a distinct balding patch from his frontal hair line through to his crown.

Concerned about how much older than his 26 years his hair loss was making him look, Philip picked up the phone to book an appointment. And after a year of thinking about getting treatment, Philip sat down to discuss his early Norwood stage IV loss with an Ashley and Martin hair loss consultant.

Taking his medical and genetic history into account, his consultant discussed the benefits of using the RealGROWTH® program and the results that could realistically be achieved. To track his progress on the program or to compare further damage to at a later date if Philip did not wish to go ahead with treatment straight away, photos were taken of Philip’s hair from every angle.

With Christmas just around the corner, Philip decided now was the time to take the plunge and commence medical intervention for his hair loss. He was booked in to see the clinic’s hair loss doctor and he made sure to discuss his hyperthyroidism with her. This medical issue did not stop him from being able to take the medication or supplements involved in the RealGROWTH® program and the doctor prescribed him the necessary oral and topical medication.

After just four months on the program, the results Philip was looking at in his first Progress Review were extremely pleasing. The new photos that had been taken showed a substantial reversal of the damage five years of hair loss had done. The genetic predisposition to balding he had inherited from his mother’s side of the family had been halted in its tracks and new hair had begun to grow, giving him a more youthful look.


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