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Case Study: TV Ads Give Client Confidence He Will Get the Same Results

August 14th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

For five seemingly long years, Brent’s hair had been becoming thinner and thinner. Now, at 27-years-old, his auburn hair was sparse from his frontal hair line back to his crown. Listening to men with thick, healthy hair describing how they had once struggled like he was on the Ashley and Martin TV ads gave Brent the push he needed to reach his turning point. He had tried over the counter remedies without any success; if these men had been able to regrow hair with Ashley and Martin, surely he could too.

After two years of half-heartedly considering treatment, Brent contacted Ashley and Martin online.

Seeing Brent was in the early stages of Norwood III vertex male pattern hair loss, the Ashley and Martin consultant recommended a medical hair loss treatment program to reduce hair fall and regrow hair. The consultant took him through how each component of the multi-faceted hair loss treatment would work and, after Brent had decided he needed to start treatment immediately, booked Brent in with the clinic’s hair loss doctor. Armed with everything he needed to regrow hair and thicken his diminishing hair line, Brent was confident he would achieve the same results as the men he had seen in the adverts.

Four months after starting treatment, Brent met with his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review. Sitting with his consultant looking at the comparison photos that had been taken four months apart, Brent was impressed with how well his RealGROWTH® program had been able to regrow hair for him. It was even more impressive when he thought that he had not even engaged regularly in the low-level laser therapy that had been recommended. Initially concerned about the ageing effect and detrimental changes his hair loss was having on his appearance, Brent was thrilled that he had been able to reverse the damage of the male pattern hair loss he had inherited from his father’s side of the family.


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