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Case Study: Self Esteem Restored Along with New Hair Growth

April 22nd, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Twenty-nine-year-old Pierce* was fit and healthy but had a strong genetic connection to male pattern hair loss on both sides of his family. Whilst he had not tried any other hair loss solutions before coming to Ashley and Martin, a family member was urging him to make an appointment to speak to a hair loss consultant. Attending his appointment alone after calling his local clinic, Pierce finally sought help for the hair loss that had been causing him self esteem issues for the past three years.

Looking at the loss affecting the top of the scalp and both temples, the consultant could see Pierce was showing the first signs of clinically significant balding. With his hairline showing recession in the temporal regions and his crown sparsely covered, Pierce was diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness, Norwood III vertex. After listening to exactly what was involved in medical hair loss treatment and the likely outcomes from using all aspects of the RealGROWTH® in conjunction with one another, Pierce made the decision to start treatment straight away. He had been thinking about if for a month and he was ready to stop his hair from falling out.

Adhering closely to the home-based portion of his program, Pierce took his herbal and prescription medications and applied his prescription RealGROWTH® solution. However, he did not attend the clinic regularly to receive Low Level Laser Therapy treatments. Thankfully for Pierce, with time his hair began to increase in density and thickness although he was not following all aspects of his treatment program. Having been concerned about his appearance when he first met with his hair loss consultant, he was now feeling great about the results he was seeing. The hair loss he had seen take place over three years had been significantly reversed in under six months and he was very happy with the decision he had made to speak to someone about his hair loss as soon as he had started to consider treatment.

*name changed to protect privacy