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Case Study: Medical Nature of Ashley and Martin Appeals to Client

May 10th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Four months ago, George* had come to Ashley and Martin to address the genetic hair loss he had inherited from his father’s side of the family. And now, only sixteen weeks into his treatment, his friends were saying his hair was already looking thicker.

When he had first attended his free consultation, George’s hair had been thinning around the frontal hair line and throughout his crown. He had chosen to attend his local Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic after seeing our advertising on television. The medical nature of the company appealed to him and, two years after his hair had first started to diminish, George contacted Ashley and Martin via our online contact form.

Looking at George’s early stage III vertex hair loss, the consultant had been sure the best hair loss treatment to halt the loss at the source and regrow hair that had shed was a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program. George had been concerned enough about his appearance to want to go ahead with treatment immediately. His consultant had booked him an appointment with the clinic’s hair loss doctor and provided him with all non-prescription elements of his program to take home with him straight away.

And now the 30 year old was seeing the results of the quick and easy daily routine he had been performing every evening. Although he had not attended regular laser therapy appointments, he could see the changes his friends had been talking about. The slight regression in his temporal region had moved forward and the density improved all over. George was happy with the results he was seeing at this early stage of his treatment plan. The outcomes his consultant had assured him of were plain to see already and he still had time for more improvements to happen over the remainder of his program.






*name changed to protect privacy