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Case Study: FIFO Worker Finds Treatment Quick and Easy to Travel With

March 20th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Over the past five years, Brett* had been using an over the counter topical solution from the pharmacy in a sporadic attempt to try and save his hair his hair. Not having any success on his own, Brett decided to seek professional advice. Having repeatedly seen the Ashley and Martin advertising online, he went to our website to find out how to contact us. Conveniently, he was presented with an online contact form which took him less than a minute to fill out to request a call back.

Fit and healthy with no known history of hair loss in his family, Brett spoke with his consultant about what could be done to stop him going completely bald. His short, brown hair already showed his crown through sparse coverage and his temples sported a deep recession. Thankfully, he was a prime candidate for the RealGROWTH® program and the consultant, expecting Brett would receive excellent results from treatment, took him through what was involved in the process.

Single and concerned about the impact his hair loss was having on his appearance, Brett was keen to begin saving his hair with a medically proven treatment. He signed up immediately.

Despite spending vast amounts of time away from home working, Brett found the treatment routine easy to use. His program consisted of oral medication, herbal supplements, specialised shampoo and conditioner, and a topical solution to be applied at night; all things that were quick, simple, and easy to travel with.

Coming home after a long period away, his friends and family were astounded by the changes they saw. By the time four months had passed, Brett was ecstatic with the results of his program. New people meeting him would have no way of telling he had been on his way to going bald just sixteen weeks previously.





*name changed to protect privacy