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Case Study: Client’s partner gives him the push he needed…with positive results

October 28th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Janet* had been with Josh* for a number of years, both were in their late twenties but recently Janet had started to notice that Josh’s frontal hair line was slowly, but quite obviously, starting to recede. Janet had heard about Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics through a friend and, after chatting with Josh, she made an appointment so that he could speak to a consultant and discuss his options.

Josh had never considered any sort of treatment before but, with a history of male pattern baldness in the family (on his father’s side), he realised it might be time to start thinking about getting some treatment and advice. He’d been starting to feel a little bit self conscious about his hairline but Janet had encouraged him to tackle the problem head on and take the first step.

Janet and Josh both attended the initial free consultation where Josh was diagnosed with level III hair loss on the Norwood scale. Josh’s consultant reassured him that, if he acted now, the 12 month RealGROWTH®  program could deliver the results that Josh was hoping for.  The two of them took some time to consider their options and four weeks later Josh commenced the treatment that had been recommended.

With his partner backing him 100 per cent, Josh felt confident that he was doing the right thing. His consultant was friendly and professional, examining Josh’s scalp and carefully documenting his hair loss with ‘before’ photos – this way had had a starting point from which he could clearly see his own progress at his four month reviews.

By the time Josh attended his first Ashley and Martin review appointment he could clearly see that his hair had thickened and was growing back towards the front of his head, fuller and healthier than it had been for quite some time. Josh was very impressed with these early results and was very keen to keep up the positive results by diligently sticking to his treatment regime. He was extremely happy and very grateful to Ashley and Martin…and to his partner for giving him the extra push he needed.












*Name changed to protect privacy