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Case Study: Client, Worried About Future Should He Continue to Lose His Hair, Finds Solution at Ashley and Martin

December 15th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Five years after his hair first began falling out, Pat* came to Ashley and Martin. He had been thinking about finding a hair loss specialist for almost two years, and after searching online for the best hair loss treatment available, he sent in an online enquiry via our website. He had tried over the counter remedies in the past, but to date nothing had stopped his hair from continuing to shed.

His consultant, having conducted a scalp examination, could see that Pat’s hair was sparse and receding from the frontal hair line back to the crown. Pat had told him of his family history of hair loss and the consultant had probed into his relevant medical history to make sure there was no underlying conditions that could be causing Pat’s hair to fall out. The 40 year old was diagnosed with early stage VI male pattern hair loss and presented with a hair growth treatment plan designed to stop the shedding and re-establish a healthy growth cycle.

Worried about his appearance and how he would look in the future should he continue to lose his hair, Pat enrolled on a RealGROWTH® medical program. He was booked in to the see the clinic’s hair loss doctor who prescribed him a topical solution to be applied to his scalp and medication to stop his body producing the androgen DHT. He had also been given herbal hair growth products and specialised shampoos and conditioners to assist the prescription components of his program to reverse his hair loss.

Pat was very pleased with his progress to date when he attended his four month Ashley and Martin Review. He could see his hair density improving greatly and it put his mind at rest when thinking about the future of his hair. With his RealGROWTH® medication he was in charge of if and when he chose to lose his hair.






*name changed to protect privacy