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Case Study: Client Happy with Increase in Hair Density During Early Stages of Ashley and Martin Treatment

March 1st, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Fifty-two year old Bob* had wanted to find a solution to his hair loss for the last year. His hair had shed rapidly and in two and a half short years he was left with a sparse covering throughout. It had been a television advert that had pointed Bob in the direction of Ashley and Martin. After hearing he could come in for a no obligation, free consultation, Bob called to make an appointment.

Meeting with his consultant for the first time, he confided that he was concerned about the way his hair loss was making him look. He did not feel that he was ready at only 52 and to have lost most of his hair.

A scalp examination together with the information Bob had given his consultant led to a diagnosis of male pattern hair loss, Norwood IV. After giving Bob a realistic picture of what could be achieved at this advanced stage of hair loss and the timeframe he was looking at to see results, the consultant explained what would be involved in the treatment process.

Working together with the clinic hair loss doctor, Bob’s treatment would involve a range complementary of therapies to not only regrow hair from follicles that had entered an extended dormancy, but address the root cause of his hair loss.

Sure that this was the solution to hair thinning he had been looking for, Bob signed up for a RealGROWTH® program.

Knowing that his advanced hair loss was not going to reverse itself overnight, Bob returned for his first Ashley and Martin review after four months of treatment. He was only a third of the way into his treatment plan and it was encouraging to see that his hair was beginning to increase in density even at this early stage. Happy with what he was seeing already, Bob left the consultant’s office feeling confident things would continue get better.






*name changed to protect privacy