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Case Study: Client Confident Ashley and Martin Would Go the Extra Mile for Him.

September 6th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Aarush* came to Ashley and Martin after a friend recommended our company to him.  He had been losing his hair for three years and for the past 12 months Aarush had been looking around for the right solution to his problem.  Not wanting to waste his money on remedies that had no guarantee of working, Aarush forwent the option of over the counter remedies.  Trusting the advice of his friend, he called Ashley and Martin to discuss his thinning hair.

During a scalp examination the consultant noted early stage thinning in the crown; however Aarush’s hair was most affected in his temples and parietal ridge.  In this area the hair had begun to substantially recede leaving him with a large hairless area on either side of his head.  Aarush’s father had lost his hair in the exact same pattern and the consultant placed Aarush’s Male Pattern Hair Loss at a level III vertex on the Norwood scale.

The consultant took all the background information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the most effective course of treatment.  With all this information at hand the consultant recommended a RealGROWTH® medication program to Aarush.  Concerned with how he would look if he did not act soon to arrest his thinning hair Aarush decided to commence a program without delay.

Aarav felt well supported knowing he could visit his consultant or the clinic doctor to discuss any concerns as often as he needed and would never be charged any extra money for these appointments.  He could even switch his medication without charge should it not turn out to be the right one for him in the future.  Knowing the company would go the extra mile for him Aarav was consistent with the program he was given knowing the chances of success were high.  The staff at his clinic believed in the product they were selling.

After four months on the program Aarav was pleased to see the regrowth he was gaining in his temples.  His hair had become thicker and healthier all over, covering up the exposed scalp at the crown.  Aarav could now understand why the staff at his clinic were so proud of the service they offered.






*name changed to protect privacy