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Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s Natural Hair Regrowth Option Produces Results

April 26th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Rebekah* had tried over the counter hair loss remedies in a bid to bring back the thick, healthy hair she used to have. The 26 year old had noticed that her hair was shedding without the normal amount of regrowth to follow nearly three years ago. And six months previously had begun to wonder if there was a better way to treat it than resorting to ineffective products at the pharmacy.

It was the medical nature of the company that attracted Rebekah to Ashley and Martin when she had first seen our advertising on television. This initial interest sparked a desire to find out more and, after contacting us through our website, attended a free consultation to find out what Ashley and Martin could do for her.

After looking closely at the reasons behind Rebekah’s thinning hairline and crown, her consultant presented her with two different ways Ashley and Martin could help her. One, a purely medical treatment program, the other, a more natural laser therapy option. The benefits and perceived drawbacks to each option were discussed in detail between the pair and although there were no disadvantages to undertaking a medical hair regrowth program, Rebekah chose to purchase a LaserCap® to treat her hair loss. It would take longer to regrow her hair this way, but she was happy that she had the option to do it naturally and at home.

Every second day, Rebekah used her LaserCap® for 20 minutes at a time. The portability of this device meant she did not have to sit still while using it if she were having a busy day.

At Rebekah’s first Ashley and Martin Review, five months into treatment, she was pleased by the amount of new hair she had regrown. Perhaps it would have been more advanced if she had chosen to undergo medical treatment, but she was prepared to put in the time to do it in a manner that she was comfortable and happy with.






*name changed to protect privacy