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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Enjoys Full Head of Hair

February 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Chad’s* hair was thin, fine and wiry.  The 24 years old had all but given up on trying to do anything with it.  He knew his hair was changing the way he looked and affecting the way people perceived him, so with his family’s encouragement Chad went online and submitted an internet enquiry with Ashley and Martin.

Chad told his consultant he had been losing his hair for the past 3 years like his father and brother had done.  After a scalp examination was conducted his consultant diagnosed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex.  The very fine velus hairs growing from Chad’s hairline to crown indicated Chad was an excellent candidate for hair regrowth treatment and could expect superb results using the RealGROWTH® program.

His consultant outlined the RealGROWTH® program to Chad and answered all the questions he had regarding treatment and expected outcomes.  Happy with the proposed treatment and excited to see the results of his program, Chad enrolled immediately.  He was booked in to see the doctor to have a check-up and his medication prescribed and provided with the non-prescriptions components of his program to take home with him.

Busy with work and family commitments, Chad returned to see his consultant after six months on the program.  His consultant was astonished to see the confident young man that stood before her.  Sporting a new short haircut and a smile on his face the consultant could see Chad was already aware of the success of his program.  Using the RealGROWTH® program Chad now had a full head of hair and his progress photos highlighted just how much hair had regrown to achieve this outstanding result.






*name changed for privacy reasons