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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client sees Great Results with RealGROWTH Program

May 30th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It had been over three years since Brian* had started losing his hair, but until now he had never bothered to try and treat his hair loss. In fact, it had only been in the last few months that he had started to even consider the idea of seeking treatment. Curious about how he would go about solving his hair loss problem, Brian went online to find the answers.

It was there that he discovered the Ashley and Martin website and the online enquiry form he could use to request a call back. Newly concerned about the impact his hair was having on his appearance, Brian filled out the online form and waited for an Ashley and Martin representative to call him back.

Within days of his online contact, Brian was sitting in the consultant’s office. He told his consultant that he had a family history of hair loss on the paternal side of his family; further examination supported Brian’s assumption that the significant thinning through his crown and frontal hair line was genetic. Although his job necessitated him working away from home, Brian had no overt work related stresses or other medical conditions that would impact the health of his hair.

Diagnosed with early Norwood stage IV androgenic alopecia, Brian was offered a comprehensive medical intervention strategy that would include oral and topical prescription medications, herbal supplements and laser therapy. Keen to get started as soon as possible, Brian enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program straight away. He was booked in to the first available appointment with the in clinic doctor. Before leaving the office Brian was provided with all non-prescription items in his program including specialised hygiene products to ensure good scalp health for the new hair that would grow.

Four months later, the results Brian was seeing was a testament to the fact he performed his at home medication routine faithfully and attended his laser appointment regularly. His initial and four month check up photos showed a world of difference. The visible difference to the thickness of his hair was astounding. Now sporting a fuller head of hair, Brian was glad he had chosen a well known name in the hair loss industry.

*name changed to protect privacy