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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Amazed at Hair Density Increase

November 16th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Jack’s* self-esteem had taken a blow in his early teenage years.  Suffering from chronic acne, he had always felt self-conscious.  So self-conscious that he had turned to using a drug that had known long term side effects.  Jack was now suffering from thinning hair and his confidence was once again taking a hit.  Having heard of Ashley and Martin on television he thought it would be a good idea to speak to someone about what could be done to help him.

Having used the online enquiry system on the Ashley and Martin website to book an appointment, Jack came to meet with his consultant for the first time.  She noted a generalised thinning from the hairline to the crown during a scalp examination.  Her assessment of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III was backed up by his family history of the condition.  Jack’s use of a medication with severe side effects had impacted this genetic loss, prompting the process to become more rapid.

The consultant explained the process of hair loss to the 27 year old and how the RealGROWTH® medical program would intervene to stop the excessive shedding and regrow his hair.  Not one to make rash decisions, Jack took a further three months to think the prospect of treatment over.  It had taken him two years of consideration to get this far, he was in no rush to make a final decision.

In the end he decided that there actually was a need to proceed quickly.  If three years could do this much damage to his hair, he would be bald on top by the time he was 30.  This was not something he was prepared to accept.  He made an appointment to see to the clinic doctor to have his medication prescribed.  Jack appreciated he had further to opportunity to ask questions to his consultant and doctor and left this feeling fully supported knowing he could come back as often as he wanted through his program to speak to his care providers.

Although he had the support base there for him, he found the program so easy to follow that he only needed to come to the clinic for regular Low Level Laser Therapy treatments.  Within four months of treatment he was amazed at the difference to his hair’s density the program had made.  His frontal hair line was thick and full and his crown, which had been in danger of balding in the near future, had regrown so much new hair that he no longer felt self-conscious about it.






*name changed to protect privacy