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Case Study: Marked Difference In Hairline Evident at First Ashley and Martin Review.

April 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It was the medical nature of the clinic that drew Andy* to Ashley and Martin. He had been losing his hair for almost three years and, having seen our advertising on television, contacted us online. Shortly after, he received a call from his local clinic and booked an appointment to meet with the consultant who would look after him throughout his time with Ashley and Martin.

The consultant examined Andy’s Norwood III vertex loss and discussed the best hair loss treatment to address his needs. A medical program that encompassed several complementary therapies was offered to Andy to halt the excess shedding in its tracks, intervene in the genetic process causing his hair to fall out, stimulate hair growth and create a friendly environment to protect his newly growth hair.

Forty years old and, having seen his father lose his hair, Andy knew what was in store for him if he did nothing about his hair loss. He had not used any over the counter products before coming to Ashley and Martin, opting to seek proved medical treatment for his condition instead. He knew he had found the treatment he had been looking for and signed up for a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program straight away. Andy was assisted to make an appointment to see the clinic doctor and provided with all the non-prescription components of his treatment program before leaving the clinic that day. He was also offered his first laser therapy treatment.

Unable to attend the clinic regularly to take advantage of the weekly laser therapy appointments, Andy predominately kept in contact with the clinic staff via phone. After sixteen weeks of using his hair loss products daily, Andy returned to the clinic for his first Ashley and Martin Review. Both he and his consultant could see the marked difference in his progress photos. Where Andy’s hair had been sparse enough for his scalp to be showing through, his hair was now thick and healthy. The slight recession in his temples and thinning across his frontal hair line had increased in density and Andy was happy to see how much progress had been made in such a short amount of time.






*name changed to protect privacy