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Case Study: Immediate Decision Leads Ashley and Martin Client to Long Term Results

March 15th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It had only occurred to Wesley* the day before that he wanted to try and fix the hair loss he had been experiencing for the last year. As soon as he had made the decision to find a hair loss treatment, he had gone online to find a hair specialist to help him. Having found Ashley and Martin’s website, Wesley contacted us via our online contact form to book an appointment. The very next day Wesley was sitting in his consultant’s office discussing his options.

The consultant had found that Wesley had presented with a deep recession in his temples and thinning hair throughout. Understandably, twenty year old Wesley was concerned about the change his hair loss was making to his appearance. A scalp examination, together with relevant information about Wesley’s medical history, genetic links to hair loss and lifestyle factors confirmed that Wesley was suffering from male pattern hair loss, Norwood IIIa.

A hair loss treatment plan involving anti-androgens and herbal agents to prevent the formation of the DHT in his body that was causing his hair loss, specially formulated scalp cleansing products to create a friendly environment for his newly growing hair and a topical solution to encourage, strong healthy hair growth was put together for Wesley. These targeted medications and therapies would be used in conjunction with low level laser therapy sessions. Wanting to address his hair loss as soon as possible, Wesley signed up for treatment.

Over the coming four months, Wesley’s hair began to increase in density. While this was happening all over, nowhere was it more evident than in his temporal region. The hair above Wesley’s ears had been sparse and the hair line in this hair moving backwards. The photos taken at his first Ashley and Martin Review showed a pleasing increase in the number of hair follicles that had entered into their active growth phase in this area.

It was great for Wesley to see the improvements that had happened so early and he looked forward to seeing what would happen after he had been using his hair loss treatment plan for another four months.






*name changed to protect privacy