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Case Study: Great Results Seen for Client of Ashley and Martin

December 5th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Fashion was George’s life. And as such, his appearance was every bit as important to him as the high end fashion he filled his life, and wardrobe, with. Encouraged by a friend to contact Ashley and Martin after his hair loss began to seriously impact his appearance, George contacted the nearest clinic online.

George told his consultant that he had wanted to address his hair loss ever since he had started to notice the first signs of thinning three years previously. However, while performing a scalp examination, the consultant queried the timeline George had put forward. From the degree and pattern of loss he was looking at, the consultant’s diagnosis put the beginning of his hair loss two years earlier than he had noticed; in his professional opinion George had been losing his hair for closer to five years.

A diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood IV, was given based on George’s family history, lack of medical or stress related factors and the pattern of loss the consultant had observed.
Aside from his hair loss, George’s dedication to his appearance meant he looked younger than his mid forties. And although it had been weighing on his mind for three long years, it took George a month to make the decision to get started with the RealGROWTH® program his consultant had offered to him in his initial consultation.

Once the decision was made, George committed to his treatment the way he committed to any other fashion choice. Wholeheartedly. He performed his at-home treatments consistently and attended the office for appointment and laser therapy regularly.

It did not take long until the commitment he put in to his treatment started paying off. He began to receive favourable comments on the results of his treatment and by the time he came to have his first Ashley and Martin progress check up, he was extremely happy with the changes he was seeing, particularly with the thick, new growth he was seeing on his crown.

*name changed to protect privacy