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Case Study: Early Stage Hair Loss Addressed by Medical Hair Loss Treatment

January 8th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Encouraged by his family, Blake* booked an appointment with Ashley and Martin online to discuss the early stages of hair loss he was experiencing. Twenty years old and still a full-time student, there was no way he felt old enough to be losing his hair. And he did not want to be seen as the young man on campus who was going bald. Quite worried about how his appearance was changing, Blake had taken the opportunity to try and solve the problem when a family member had told him about Ashley and Martin.

Examining the damage two years of increased shedding had done to Blake’s hair, the consultant could see that although the young man wore his hair just long enough to try and hide the effects, his hair had started to become quite thin through the crown and temples. Diagnosing his hair loss as early stage III vertex, the consultant laid out the most effective treatment plan to reverse the effects of the androgenic alopecia Blake had inherited from his father’s side of the family. Taking his time to fully explain what each component of the medical hair loss treatment would do and answer any questions the young man had about it, the hair loss consultant took photos of Blake’s hair so if he decided to go forward with treatment after discussing it with his family, they would have a tangible way of tracking how well Blake’s hair responded to the program.

After discussions at home, Blake contacted the clinic to start his medical hair loss treatment a week after he had come in for his consultation. And having come to Ashley and Martin with the earliest stage of androgenic alopecia to be considered as ‘baldness’, it felt good to know that over the course of his program, the people closest to him could see his hair getting thicker regardless of the fact he was not attending the clinic for regular laser therapy appointments. Thanks to his medical hair loss treatment program, Blake felt confident he was no longer going to have to go bald whilst still in Uni.



*name changed to protect privacy