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Case Study: Client Looking Forward to Further Hair Regrowth with Ashley and Martin

March 22nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

A month after first considering seeking advice and potential treatments for his hair loss, 25 year old student, Justin*, went online to look at Ashley and Martin’s treatment options and submitted an internet enquiry.  It had been the better part of 4 years since he had started to lose his hair and in that time he had not tried any remedies to try and stop the constant shedding of hair he was experiencing.

With the support and encouragement of a family member Justin attended an appointment with Ashley and Martin to address the concerns he had about how his hair loss was impacting his appearance.   Diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III vertex, Justin realised he was another statistic in the long line of men who had lost their hair on his father’s side of the family.

His consultant recommended a RealGROWTH® medications treatment plan together with regular laser treatments as the most effective way to treat Justin’s thinning hair.  With a combined approach of oral anti-androgens, topical solution, herbal supplements and laser treatments this multi-dimensional treatment plan would slow the shedding of hair and encourage regrowth of Justin’s own hair. Justin enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program that day and was booked in to see a doctor to have a check-up and his medication prescribed.

After four months on the program Justin came in for his first progress check-up where he would have another set of photos taken.  His consultant asked him about how he was going with the program and Justin said although the program was easy to use he had not been following it diligently nor coming in to the clinic for laser treatments.   Although he was as happy as Justin to see the visible improvement in his hair, Justin’s consultant stressed the importance of taking his medications regularly, daily application of the solution and attending laser appointments for the best results possible on the program.  With more regular use of the program Justin is looking forward to further hair regrowth.






*name changed for privacy reasons