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Case Study: Client Finds His Turning Point After Seeing Ashley and Martin On TV

July 22nd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Heath* had seen men in his position discussing their hair loss treatment on the Ashley and Martin adverts on TV. Listening to them talk about how they had reached their turning point and sought treatment, made him wonder if he too had reached his own. He had tried over the counter hair loss solutions without any success at all. And for the past three months the idea of finding a solution to hair loss had been on his mind more and more often.

Thirty-one years old with a strong family history of hair loss on his father’s side of the family, Heath knew it was now or never. He went online and filled in the contact form on the Ashley and Martin website. Shortly after he received a call back from his nominated clinic to book an appointment with a hair loss consultant.

Conversations about the factors that could impact his hair’s growth cycle found Heath to be stress free and healthy. His genetic tie to hair loss being the main contributing factor in his own. Diagnosed with male pattern hair loss, Norwood level IV, Heath was offered a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth treatment program. It would target the biological process causing his hair loss and work to move his dormant hair follicles into their growth phase. Worried about his appearance but wanting more time to think it over, Heath went home without commencing treatment.

Two weeks later his turning point was upon him; he was ready to fix the problem. Heath called the clinic to sign up for treatment and book an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor. It had been over three years since he had first started to lose his hair and he was not willing to accept losing any more.

Over the coming months, Heath saw his hair fall slow to a more natural rate and new hair grow in. However, it was not until he saw his progress photos at his four month check up that he realised just how much more hair he had gained with treatment. Seeing his progress photos side by side really highlighted to Heath just how successful his hair loss treatment was and made him look forward to seeing the photos at his next progress check-up.



*name changed to protect privacy