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Case Study: Client Astonished to See How Much Hair Had Regrown At First Ashley and Martin Review

January 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Blake* started to notice his hair thinning about two years before coming to Ashley and Martin. He had seen our advertising on television and, after a year of letting it play on his mind, he called his nearest Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic make an appointment. At 30 years old, he felt that his sizable balding patch made him look much older than he was.

At the free consultation he had heard about on the television, the consultant asked Blake questions aimed at finding the root causes of his hair loss. Fit, healthy and active with low stress levels, Blake’s only link to hair loss was a genetic one. His brothers and grandfather were all experiencing varying degrees of hair loss themselves. The consultant examined Blake’s hair and saw that he was suffering from a deep recession in the temporal region and a severe loss of density from the crown moving forward into the vertex.

In order to regrow hair where Blake had lost it, the best hair loss treatment to address his Norwood level IV loss would be a medical program consisting of anti-androgens, topical solution, herbal supplements and specialised hygiene products.

It took six months for Blake to make a considered decision about his hair loss treatment. He called and made an appointment to see Ashley and Martin’s hair loss doctor. The doctor looked at Blake’s scalp and to her it looked much more like he had been suffering from hair loss for up to seven years, not the two that Blake had originally thought.

As Blake used his hair growth products diligently each night, he noticed the hair fall he usually saw each morning slow down. With time, his hair fall returned to a normal, healthy rate. His partner noticed new hair beginning to grow and with this hair regrowth the overall density of his hair improved. At his first Ashley and Martin Review it was astonishing to see just how much hair he had regrown on his crown after sixteen weeks on the program.






*name changed to protect privacy