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Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Treatment Achieves Client’s Hair Regrowth Goals

November 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Paul* was experiencing a slight thinning on his crown and frontal hair line. And although this year long loss was in its early stages, Paul wanted to control it before it went any further. He was concerned about how losing his hair would change the way he looked and was not willing to let that happen while he still had some control. Paul had heard what Ashley and Martin could do to help people in his position on the television and decided he had nothing to lose by calling to book a free consultation.

The 35 year old discussed his goals in coming to Ashley and Martin with the consultant and was relieved to find they were achievable with the treatment options available to him. Wanting to move his slight temporal recession forward to its natural position and improve the density across his crown, Paul was keen to try the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program that his consultant told him about.

Paul signed up for a medical hair regrowth program that consisted of oral and topical medications supported by herbal and specialised hygiene products. The clinic GP gave him a check-up before prescribing his medication and Paul was pleased to find that any visits to the clinic GP were all included in the price of his program.

Taking his medication faithfully every day Paul found that his hair stopped shedding faster than was natural and gradually began to regrow. After four months on the program there were visible changes and after eight months he could not tell that he had ever suffered from hair loss in the past. His genetically inherited early stage III vertex loss had responded well to the multi-faceted treatment program he had been given. His RealGROWTH® program had thickened up his hair in the crown, brought his temporal recession back to its natural position and Paul’s hair was now healthier than it had ever been.






*name changed to protect privacy