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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Excited to Show Off Comparison Photos

July 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Chanda* saw Ashley and Martin’s advertising on TV and started thinking it was time to speak to someone about his hair that had been receding in the temples for the past four or five years.  He mulled the idea over for a few weeks and two months after beginning to think about treating his hair loss he was sitting in his consultant’s office discussing treatment options.

Chanda knew a little about the treatment from what he had read on Ashley and Martin’s website before submitting an internet enquiry.  His consultant explained the reasons for the 28 year old’s genetic hair loss and diagnosed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III.  She then spoke with Chanda about what could realistically be achieved with medical intervention.  She explained that while she believed the medication would be extremely successful at bringing his hair back to its natural dense state where he had full coverage still, it was at the front of his temples where there was an absence of fine vellus hairs that may not make a full recovery.

Unsure about going ahead with treatment, Chanda went home to talk it over with his wife. Together they decided that the impact his hair loss was having on the way he felt about the way he looked was worth trying a program.  Chanda called the clinic and booked an appointment to come in and see the doctor and have his medication prescribed.

Less than four months after starting treatment Chanda came in for a progress check-up and without needing to look at the photos he knew his RealGROWTH® program was working for him.  His hair had become thicker all over, the thinning patch on his scalp had grown over and the hair on his temples had started to fill in more than he had expected.  Chanda asked for the photos his consultant had taken to be emailed to him so he had before and after pictures to show his wife.  She had already told him how pleased she was that the treatment was working for him and he knew she would be as excited as him by his comparison photos.






*name changed for privacy reasons