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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Over The Moon with Results

February 18th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Craig* was profoundly deaf.  With his mother accompanying him to his Ashley and Martin appointment to assist in communication, Craig could speak with a consultant about the hair loss he was beginning to notice.

Craig’s maternal grandfather had lost his hair and it appeared this dominant gene was at play in the generalised thinning from Craig’s hairline that extended back to the crown and in the receding hair at Craig’s temples.  Although his Male Pattern Hair Loss was not advanced enough to cause Craig distress at this stage, his mother expressed concerns that Craig was already suffering self-esteem issues related to his hearing.  With his hair beginning to thin at 22 years old she was concerned this would only make his self-esteem plummet further.

His consultant took all relevant medical and family history then discussed Craig’s treatment options with mother and son.  To regrow Craig’s own hair she recommended that a RealGROWTH™ program would yield the greatest results.  By using a combination of RealGROWTH® topical solution, oral medication, herbal supplements and laser treatments the consultant was confident Craig could achieve the hair regrowth they were looking for.

Craig returned to see his consultant after sixteen weeks on the program to have a check-up and progress photos taken. Craig reported he was over the moon with how thick his hair had become and that he could see his hair regrowing in his temple area.  However before even looking at his hair, Craig’s consultant could see the improved confidence in Craig’s demeanour.  Four months previously Craig had made little eye contact; the young man that now walked in carried himself with renewed self-assurance.






*name changed for privacy reasons